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a=v&frame=index& This is the Admin Panel of the Platinum package, the paid one.

When you go to that link, it doesn’t bring any login fields, just loads the admin panel itself.

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There are too many menu items in Az DGDating admin panel.

More than half of them could be avoided for a better usability.

So, a question rose – what’s the use of this section in admin panel if you will still have to edit the .htaccess manually?

Wouldn’t it be better to either create the .htaccess file and put it in the original package or just avoid this section creating a help page somewhere to give an idea on how to make short URL-s?

Second, when you add a moderator and want to add another one, the next section will be listed just under that old one.

So, if you, let’s say, have 10 moderators, you’ll have a huge list of that all options listed, the following options: Would be better to create a list of the moderators and open the permission list clicking on a separate button or link. IP Access Management I have nothing to say regarding the banned IP-s. What’s the need of this if you still can go to the user management section and give anybody any membership type you wish? 100% free, lifetime, nulled i have hop, dance groups.This dating software review will talk about the Admin Panel of Az DGDating.Such minor things will cause big problems in the future.Configuration This is the section to manage the general settings of the site like the name of the web-site (is it the title?To be honest, I wouldn't use a solution which loads such news content from other sites as I can't be sure that it will not load malware and spyware to my server.

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