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The romantic quests are meaningful as well as sexy, the dialogue is sharp and often funny, and the animation is very nice.Now I’m wondering if there are any similar, good-quality games out there, only lesbian instead of gay. Pardon me for charging in, but you’re shining the yuri signal!

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These include: Spirited Heart Girls Love Heileen 3: Sea Maidens Both of those are stat-raising games.

They’re commercial, but they have free demos you can check out to see if you enjoy the style.

: On the heels of successful "Lesbian Love Connection", the same people bring you another one of television's most popular shows.

"The Lesbian Dating Game" is everything you might think it is and more -- with a cast of the biggest stars in adult erotica today.

" It's a good guess that respective "no" and "yes" answers would make for better TV.

The website says the show will be on "a major cable network," but so far, no network TMZ has spoken to will admit it's theirs! A new reality dating show featuring a group of singles vying to win the heart of a Maxim model certainly isn't groundbreaking.But if said Maxim model is a fresh-out-of-the-closet lesbian, then you've got something!Most of the romances are a little understated, but it’s got a dramatic plot (and a lot of ways to die) and girls with swords are right up my alley.There are many more comprehensive lists of games with yuri possibilities.One would be enough -- but all of them in the same picture?!!


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