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To your left, at the far end of the boulevard, you will see the Paris Observatory that was France's equivalent of the Greenwich Observatory in terms of setting time.Ahead of you is the Closerie des Lilas, our first destination.You are standing near the southern tip of the Jardin du Luxembourg, where Ernest Hemingway often used to stroll on his way to visit Gertrude Stein.

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Follow the green hedges around to the rue Notre-Dame-des-Champs.

Long before Hemingway discovered the Closerie des Lilas, it was a favourite haunt of writers and artists such as Emile Zola and Paul Cézanne.

Back then, the area was still in transition from a countrified suburb of small houses and gardens into an urban area with large apartment blocks.

There were lots of cafes, some of which are now famous as historic gathering places for artists and writers.

Best time to walk: You can take this tour any time, but if you want to evoke the sense of the 1920s, try it when it is quiet -- early in the morning, or perhaps on a Sunday evening.

Precautions: Cross the streets at marked crosswalks and obey the signals.Places to stop along the way: You will pass many famous eateries: Closerie des Lilas, La Rotonde, Le Dome, Le Select, La Coupole.Some are now restaurants rather than cafes, but most have places where you can sit outdoors and enjoy a coffee or a glass of wine.There were also voices that were lost in the din because other voices shouted louder. Hello, my name is Philippa Campsie and I’ve created this walk to explore the part of Paris known as Montparnasse and some nearby neighbourhoods.In the 1920s, artists and writers could live here quite cheaply.You’ll hear my voice again when you reach each destination, and I'll give you directions to keep you on track.


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